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With the event of mixed martial arts (MMA) becoming mainstream in the media, more and more people are looking to martial arts and self-defense classes as an alternative to the usual gym and fitness routine. At Elite Martial Arts Academy, we have been training in and teaching martial arts long before the media hype. We proudly bring forth this tradition to new generations of martial artists by offering a variety of classes to our students.


The Elite Martial Arts Academy Plan: To Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Elite Martial Arts Academy teaches traditional martial arts in a modern fitness environment. The students in our programs experience a number of life-changing physical and mental benefits.

You will find yourself more focused and competitive in both your business life and personal life. You will perform better, feel better, and overall, be better. All you have to do is get started to start seeing the benefits! Stop doing the same mindless exercises at the gym and start working out with a purpose.



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anti bully workshops

Bullying Prevention Workshop

Stop bullying in its tracks with our Anti-Bully Workshops! Your child will learn a series of steps to defeat bullies and will gain increased self-confidence, all while learning a few cool martial arts moves.

Thirty percent (30%) of U.S. students in grades six through ten are involved in moderate or frequent bullying — as bullies, as victims, or as both — according to the results of the first national survey on this subject. Bullying is increasingly viewed as an important contributor to youth violence, including homicide and suicide. Case studies of the shooting at Columbine High School and other U.S. schools have suggested that bullying was a factor in many of the incidents.

We also provide parent-specific information about handling bullying. Give your child the tools they need to put bullying to an end!

stranger danger

Stranger Danger Workshop

Our Stranger Danger program is designed to inform your child of all the warning signs of dangerous situations and or people.

Starting with our Little Dragons program, we make stranger danger education a requirement before belt advancement is permitted. Here at Elite Martial Arts Academy, we believe in providing our students with not only skills to use on the mat, but skills to use in the real world as well.

goal setting

Goal-Setting Workshops

Without a plan, chances of success are minimal.  Setting goals are the first step to turning dreams into reality.  Our Goal-Setting Workshops equip students with everything needed from learning what a goal is to executing strategies to achieve goals.  They learn the steps to goal setting and what it takes to follow through and achieve greatness.  At Elite Martial Arts Academy we incorporate Goal-Setting into our classes, and also teach separate workshops specializing in Goal Setting.

Martial Arts Elite Martial Arts Academy - Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Ages: All Ages

Our martial arts parties are jam-packed with FUN activities, fully organized and supervised by a qualified staff, making your birthday party a HIT with your friends!

Your guests will enjoy games that teach them courtesy and respect, while having a kicking good time! Please call or stop by our studio to ask about our birthday package and find out how you can create your own personalized martial arts birthday party.

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